Investment Services

“When you want to sit in the shade today, you should have planted a tree a long time ago”


Integrated experience in managing funds and investment decisions

Alexander Guaranteed Trust (AG-Trust) has 30+ years’ experience of financial services, applied to business across 4 continents. Current range of services includes Investments Advisory, Investment Modelling, Investment Risk Assessment and Investments.

Our services are proprietary and therefore restricted to our member companies. To keep to industry standards, we align regularly with knowledgeable experts who have years of experience of this realm. AG-Trust has active dealings in investments and investment advisory, both related to stressed and non-distressed assets.

AG-Trust’s Investment products include advice and/or planning based on risk parameters. Our advisory is focussed on both immediate and on long-term, responsible and enterprise investing. We utilise rational frameworks, based on fundamental analysis which take support from quantitative, technical, global and domestic macro & micro analysis. AG-Trust also does in-depth work on formulating investment strategies, helping our member companies to reach their (non)financial goals.

New dynamics have become apparent in recent times that challenge conventional wisdom and expectations of financial and operational assets around the globe. We, at AG-Trust, have extensive experience in delivering great value for all asset classes.

AG-Trust has created its own brand value in business for over 30 years. Our reputation as knowledgeable and reliable investment services provider, has progressively grown stronger in the market over these years. Whether it is about planned infusion of funds and/or dedicated and customised investment advisory services,  AG-Trust is the professional services capability of choice for all our member investments.